Chou Chou I Love You toothy tabs are actually phenomenal. The flavour is like lemon candy mixed with rose jam! Try them out!
Which Bath Cocktail Should I Try Tonight?

Hey Lushies! I was just wondering what bath cocktail you think I should try! :) Anything goes my lovelies!

My Halloween Lush Haul Video! :)

Got some delish products from Lush today!

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Hey everyone!!!

I decided that I want to start vlogging with my fellow Lushies!! :)

This vlog is about my favourite Lush products!

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LUSH 30 day challenge (in 30 minutes)

First product you EVER used from Lush, and how long ago was that? 

Cupcake face mask! It was the best mask ever! I have since moved on from Cupcake but it was wonderful at the time :P 

Top 3 favorite bath bombs?

Hot Java, Butterball and Calavera

If you could use only ONE Lush soap or shower gel for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

I would no doubt have to use It’s Raining Men. It is super hydrating so I can use it as a shampoo as well!

Favorite massage bar?

Strawberry Feels Forever… I love how it has strawberries, which have AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) to improve the skin’s texture! (through the process of enzymatically exfoliating the skin they break down dead skin cells and dirt on the surface of the skin to produce that beautiful glow!)

Have you attended a Lush Chat Party? Did you purchase any limited edition products?

Yup! I just bought some stuff at the NA halloween/christmas chat party! :)

How often do you visit your local Lush/order online?

I work at a Lush so I would have to say my local Lush :P :P, I do order retro/limited edition products online if I like them enough though!

Favorite Gorilla perfume scent?

I would have to say Dirty. On me Dirty smells masculine, but not manly: Just like me! :)

Have you ever used a knot wrap before? If so, what is your favorite pattern?

I have! I love taking two beach ball knot wraps and making a backpack! :)

Favorite face cleanser?

Either Buche De Noel or Fresh Farmacy. I love how Buche makes your skin literally glow but I just love how “matte-ifying” Fresh Farmacy is.

If you were to give your best friend a product from Lush, which one would you give him/her? 

She doesn’t really like Lush so probs nothing.

Favorite limited edition product (holidays, etc.)?

Well for the holidays definitely Cinders but I’m reeeaaalllly into Golden Wonder and Melting Snowman at the moment. Actually I just remembered one… GLOGG. BY FAR. 

How did you first hear about Lush? What enticed you to buy a product?

I guess just passing through the mall I stopped by! Fresh Face Masks! What is not enticing about them! :P 

Favorite bubble bar or bath melt?

Bubble Bar: I quite like Blue Skies
Bath Melt: Floating Island or Melting Snowman 

What are your favorite Lush blogs online to read?

Anything tagged under Lush is pretty interesting. I like to read blogs of other people who work at Lush and see their point of views on the products!

Favorite Lush face skincare products besides cleanser (toner, moisturizer, serum, etc.)?

Ugh so hard. I LOVE Gorgeous and Vanishing Cream. Both are beautiful moisturizers. I also really like using Full of Grace underneath a face mask. You can totally tell the difference. 

If someone was to buy you a wrapped gift from Lush tomorrow, which one would you want?

Lush Legends obvs :P Lmao jk I would probably want a Relax, Take a Bath. Sure, it’s not the most expensive or glamourous gift, but it has Bathos bubble bar AND Waving Not Drowning bath bomb! You can’t even buy Bathos and Waving Not Drowning in the store anymore! They are SOO good.

Favorite retro product OR product that has been discontinued?

Right now it is Slammer.

How do you feel about the Lush Dirty line? Have you tried it or do you have plans to? Which products?

I’ve tried everything and personally I am only a fan of the Dirty perfume. I don’t generally need to style my hair and I find the shaving cream is a little bit too heavy for my face, but it might be nice in the winter. I don’t like the Dirty toothy tabs, I prefer Sparkle and I don’t love the shower gel. It is okay but not really my thing. I don’t like showering with mint :P 

If you’ve had a terrible day, what Lush product do you use for a pick-me-up?

Something warming. A nice warm bath with a Cinders is always nice.

What is your favorite shampoo or conditioner from Lush?

My hair is super dry and coarse so I love Godiva or Curly Wurly and then a combo of Veganese and Jungle for my conditioner! That combo of conditioners gives you shine and nourishment if your hair is drier!

Lush is a very ethical company in terms of their sourcing and campaigning, as well as all the green initiatives they take for packaging. Are Lush’s ethics a reason why you use Lush products?

Of course! Although I’m not going to lie, but the product is amazing in itself, so it is just a cherry on top!

What is your must-have-on-hand product from Lush?

Hmm… Dream Cream? I’m obsessed with having soft hands… :P

Do you keep your shampoo bars/massage bars/body butter bars in the Lush designated tins?

I keep soap in the body butter tins! 

Favorite emotibomb?

Too Drunk. Sooo good. Not just good for hangovers though! :P 

Where/how do you keep your Lush stash?

… Everywhere? :P It is scattered around my bathroom, shower, bedroom, etc :P 

Do you have a favorite compounder?

Madu is ffiiiiiiiinneeee (not on his sticker, but in real life) :P

What issue of the Lush Times has been your favorite? Do you keep all of the old issues?

I do keep old issues :P I love the newest one! Probably the most informative and customer-oriented so far. I really like how you can give yourself your own skin consult to recommend your own products! 

What is one product you really want to try but haven’t?

Hmmm, there really isn’t any product that I specifically WANT to try. I have tried almost everything, and everything I haven’t tried is not suited to my skin/hair… :P :P

Favorite hair treatment product?

Hair Doctor or Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze!

What is your ULTIMATE, ALL TIME favorite Lush product and why?

Hmm… ughhhh sooo hard… Gorgeous. That was really hard. Too many fave products :P